Annexe_Polys Brae

Nestled within a cluster of buildings, known as Poly’s Brae, is the residential curtilage of a large 2 storey, detached property within a sizeable and well-kept ornamented plot.  The new intervention is a 2 storey outbuilding, comprising ground floor car port, storage rooms and a first floor family room.

The building is positioned immediately south of the host dwelling, wedged between it and a neighbouring building.  A row of tall deciduous trees aligns the southern boundary of the site screening it from the neighbouring dwelling to the south.  To maintain privacy, views are deliberately directed out towards the east boundary road to avoid overlooking the neighbour, whilst still framing views of the countryside setting, via cedar-clad cranked forms.  The building will be finished with a natural stone, and the roof covered with zinc in keeping with the agricultural and domestic context.

An external staircase and prominent chimney element characterize the external form when viewed from the host dwelling’s garden.  The mass of the chimney stack anchors the outbuilding to its site.  The family room opens onto a 1st floor external terrace which is oversailed by the timber clad pitched gable.




May 28, 2019

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