Randalstown Sports Pavillion

Devised of two cubes connected by a timber clad link which contains the large double height entrance foyer and exhibition space this pavilion is part of the Masterplan of the entire complex with two grass playing fields. In is sited perpendicular and parallel and at the junction of the two playing fields.

Entrance to the pavilion is through the large double height entrance foyer and exhibition space which is a central link between the two blocks. Each block  contains 2 no.changing rooms and 1 no. large multi-purpose space (a total of 4 no. changing rooms and 2 no. multi-purpose spaces). Each block can be used separately, therefore, when one block is in use the other can be shut down to minimize running costs, energy and security concerns. Additional accommodation includes administration area and associated meeting rooms. The building is also designed to consider an extension of a large sports hall which will be accessed from the central core of the building.  


August 30, 2014

  • Funded by Sport NI

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